who makes these sounds?

Emily Ravenscraft is a Louisville, KY based violinist & composer working not only in the classical realm, but also in film scores, blues, bluegrass, & psychedelic rock.


Starting at the tender age of three with a Fischer Price rainbow-colored xylophone toy piano, she studied classical violin at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, OH. She has played with the Seattle Philharmonic, The Hilltalks, Patrick Galactic, & more. She has graced the stage at Moth events in Seattle including a MainStage at Beneroya Hall. As a composer she has won an award for best score in the 2019 48 Hour Film Festival in Louisville, KY. She is currently sitting as Concertmaster of the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra and causing a ruckus with Woods at Nite. 


Her solo project, e.ravenscraft utilizes her violin and a loop pedal to create dark, textural melodies - capturing her audience in a moody, dreamy soundscape.

photo credit: Etienne Lambert, pxel.500px.com

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